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Drawing from the figure with an Emphasis on Line Quality
10 Jul 2021 - 11 Jul 2021
Fee Application Deadline
€180 June 13, 2021
Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this workshop.

10am to 4:30pm

This is a  two day intensive class that will take as its motivation the versatility of gesture, and the language of mark making,  we see through our eyes not with them. This class will connect with all of our senses as a response to drawing from observation. Using a drawing approach that focuses on individual drawing ability and fluid interpretations of the figure in action. Students will become acquainted with the potential for figure drawing to communicate a language of feeling. The emphasis of the exercises that will be taught go beyond an exact rendition of the figure, students will prioritise the act of communicating the activity of the figure. The life room will be a hub of concentration in order to work up a spontaneous observational reaction that corresponds to the impulse that the model has to strike a particular pose. Students will gain techniques that enable them to see in a way that is sincere, vital and urgent. The enigmatic possibilities of line quality will become apparent to each student in a way that is personal and unique. The focus will be to come away with drawings that have a narrative of action, and an understanding of the figure as a unit of energy.

Image credit: Still Life (with Veronese’s Venus), 2020, 42 x 29.5 cm, Oil and watercolour on paper, Courtesy Jarmuschek + Partner Berlin.