185th Annual Exhibition: Prize Winners

The RHA Annual Exhibition offers one of the largest prize funds associated with an exhibition in Ireland. In 2015, a total prize of over €42,00 was distributed over 16 individual awards. The RHA would like thank the different sponsors for their continous support of the RHA Annual Exhibition.

The Hennessy Craig Scholarship

Jointly awarded to Vera Klute and David Heddermann

The Adam’s Award

Awarded to Una Sealy ARHA for “A month on the coast, the island, the bridge, the docks”

The Ireland ­­­– US Council and Irish Arts Review Portraiture Award

Awarded to Geraldine O’Neill ARHA for her work “Drawing”

The Curtin O’Donoghue Photography Prize

Awarded to Eamonn Doyle for “Westmoreland St, Dublin”

The Curtin O’Donoghue Emerging Photographic Award

Awarded to Gerry Blake for “De Courcy Square (from The Grey and The Green)”

The AXA Insurance Prize for Drawing

Awarded to Dorothy Smith for “Come and Go”

The De Veres Art Award – for a work of distinction

Awarded to Catherine Barron for “The Four Seasons”

The ESB Keating Award and Silver Medal for an outstanding art work

Awarded to Catherine Creaney for “Carer”

The K & M Evans Painting Prize

Awarded to Eleanor McCaughey for “The Lovely Girls”

The Whyte’s Award

Awarded to Patricia Burns for “Hinterland # 9”

The ESB Moran Award for Outstanding Sculpture

Awarded to Stephanie Hess for “March Hare”

The Friends of the RHA Award for a Senior Artist

Awarded to Charles Harper RHA

The Arthur Gibney Award for Architectural Content in any Medium

Jointly awarded to tún architecture and Design and Architectural Farm

The Don Niccolo d’Ardia Caracciolo Award

Awarded to Darragh Dempsey for “Cold Feet”

The ORTHO Award for a mid-career artist in any medium

Awarded to Joy Gerrard for “Protest Crowd (Yemen 2015)”

The Contemporary Irish Art Society award for a work of distinction by a sculptor under 35

Awarded to George Warren for “Green Centaur”