Richard Gorman RHA: KAN – Exhibition



Venue: ASSAB-ONE, Via Privata Assab, 1, 20132 Milano, Italy

November 2015

Nine new large paintings to be exhibited in the industrial context of former print workshop Assab-One curated by Elena Quarestani. To be accompanied by a publication funded by the Josef Albers foundation with an essay by Nick Fox Weber.

The character KAN is an essential one in everyday Japanese and with a wide variety of meanings. The fundamental meaning of KAN is space between, gap, interval, distance. However, it refers not only to space, but to time as well, meaning also pause, break, time between.

The title KAN refers to the new paintings after the KIN series in which the forms interlock to make a central sculptural figure. So as not to repeat myself and to paint myself out of that corner I have floated the flat shapes outwards from the centre out to the edge of the support and beyond the picture plane. In doing this the centre becomes empty– KAN