Amelia Stein: Photographs RHA 2009 (Limited Edition)


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Limited Edition of 125 copies.

Limited edition includes signed numbered archival pigment print (featured image) and presented in cloth bound slipcase.

Book commissioned by the Royal Hibernian Academy as part of the Per Cent for Art Scheme and part-funded by the Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism under the National Development Plan 2007-2013: ‘Transforming Ireland’.

Foreword by Stephen McKenna PPRHA and Frank Mc Guinness.

“So much energy unleashed in each studio. So much violence at peace in the space of Amelia Stein’s visions. At the heart of these spaces are the chairs, the empty chairs. What I admire is the sense that they do not wait to be filled but are what they are, complete in themselves, fixed objects in the studio of shifting images on canvas or in stone and metals, tough, worn, functioning, having found a home where they should be, a destiny that fulfils them. We say if walls could talk what stories they would whisper, but chairs would never tell. Too solid, too secretive. What you see is what you imagine. I like that in a chair. I love it in an artist.”

Extract : ‘The Studio Space’ by Frank Mc Guinness.