Robert Gober
Drawings & Sculpture

Robert Gober is one of the most important American artists of his generation. In the realm of Hopper and Guston, Gober a sculptor, explores the quiet, poetic side of the American character. The artist has established a vocabulary of Americana-infused “remade ready-mades” and pale wax body fragments, where all elements of his disturbingly familiar sculptures have been painstakingly crafted.

This exhibition will include four sculptural installations including Prison Window, 1992, and Untitled, Lightbulb 1990 and seven drawings kindly lent by the Kunst Museum, Basel. The Academy is honoured to host this, his first Irish exhibition.

Artist Bio

Born in Wallingford, Connecticut, in 1954, the artist attended Middlebury College in Vermont before moving to Manhattan in 1976. While his original ambition was to be a painter, he altered this goal in 1983 and turned his attention to sculpture.

He first came to prominence as an artist in the mid-1980s, with a body of work that explored numerous variations on the form of a simple domestic sink. Since then his work has rarely strayed from the portrayal of easily recognizable subjects, such as drains, doors, children’s furniture, and the human body.

However, Gober’s sculpture is never precisely what it appears to be, and he uses its apparent simplicity to explore such complex themes as childhood, home, sexuality, victimization, religion, and transcendence.