RHA Learning Event

Trans Live Art Salon
17 Oct 2018
Time: 6.30pm

The Trans Live Art Salon present an exploration of the impossibility of self-hood; come break selves with us as you might break bread.

Trans Live Art Salon present an exploration of trans temporality and an investigation into the possibility of non-linear and ‘non-standard’ transition. The story of a trans person’s journey from one gender to another, one sex to another is largely the story of the stationary or consistent life of the cis (non-trans) person. With an introduction to the concept of trans temporality by artist Kate Kiernan, and the platforming of new work on transition by artists Lu Saborio and Rion Murphy TLAS present a short, accessible look at new narratives on transition by trans people working in Ireland today. 

Trans Live Art Salon is a Dublin based organisation platforming the work of trans and gender non-conforming artists based in Ireland, and creating resources for the Irish trans community. Their Fully Automated Luxury Gender Oasis debuted at Dublin Fringe Festival, 2018 and was the winner ofthe Spirit of Fringe award, and most recently they curated a salon of live trans art at Live Collision International Festival, 2018. Trans Live Art Salon’s focus is on creating accessible, safe spaces for trans artists to directly engage the trans community, combating the over-arching presence of the cisgender gaze in trans life.

Free event. All Welcome. Please BOOK HERE.

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