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Teen Directives 2020: Video Reel
1 Oct 2020 - 1 Oct 2021

View the artworks made by participants from RHA’s Teen Directives 2020, in response to looking at how we experience physical art through a digital lens.

The second RHA Teen Directives took place from September – October this year, on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoon, through the online platform Zoom. For ages 15 – 19, this programme is facilitated by artist Jane Fogarty, and assisted by Diana Bamimeke.

Over the six weeks, through a series of online meetings, the group of 11 participants looked at how we experience physical art through a digital lens, in response to how many galleries have had to go digital with their programmes and engagement due to Covid-19. Participants met online with artists Barbara Knezevic, Ellen Duffy, Alan James Burns, and Richard Forrest and also with RHA staff, Ruth Carroll, Exhibitions Curator, and Róisín Bohan, Learning and Public Engagement Curator. Through these meetings, participants engaged in conversations and workshop activities, learning about different art practices and thinking processes. To mark the end of the programme, they have created a video to share online, showing an art piece they have each created in response to the sessions over the 6 weeks. We were very impressed by the work of all the participants and the conversations that happened throughout these sessions. You can view this video below, including descriptions by each participant on their artwork.

Thank you to all the participants, Sophie, Liam, Penelope, Lea, Sadhbh, Neena, Max, Eva, and Enda, to all the contributing artists and staff, and to Jane and Diana.




Sophie Morgan

Techno Trail

This artwork is about how technology is a very prevalent thing in our lives. I drew three common pieces of technology used in everyday lives and illuminated them by the light background and the dark blue edges.


Liam Murphy


Multi-media video clip

It is a collection of clips relating to how I’ve experienced art through the digital lens, with reference to the RHA instagram platform. I made the short clip using animations of mine, marker art made for this piece, time lapse videos and movie editing and green-screen apps.


Penelope Harrison

The New Normal – Diptych

Graphite pencil and paper

With this artwork I tried to relate to the theme “art through a digital lens.” I used my friend as a model to demonstrate the impact this pandemic has had on/within the art community due to restrictions and other regulations. The time we are in now is considered “the new normal” and I thought it was a very fitting title to use for my piece of work.


Lea Wohlgemuth


Digital collage

I made a digital collage using overlapping card silhouettes. It focuses on the audience and their reaction to artwork experienced through a digital lens.

I used coloured card to cut out various silhouettes. I used small beads to make a necklace and a belt. I darkened the edges of the silhouettes using a black colouring pencil. Then I used Pixlr to overlap the silhouettes, add filters and make a collage.


Sadhbh Long

Dawn to Dusk

Gouache paint on watercolour paper, digital animation

In response to the theme, I wanted to incorporate both traditional and digital elements to reflect the new ways in which we interact with art. This piece combines traditional paintings with video editing to create a short animated loop to be experienced digitally. The subject of the piece was inspired by the many different skies I saw from my bedroom window during lockdown that I would photograph regularly, and how during that time the digital world was like a window to the outside one.

These five paintings were animated traditionally using a light box.


Neena Pope:

Camera throw

Digital drawing

Combining digital art and real life, as if the art was being seen through a lens.


Max Hendrickson:

Waiting Room

Digital animation

I created a short looping animation of a man sitting at a bus stop perpetually standing up to look for a bus and sitting down again. It’s pretty open to interpretation, but the way I see it, I think he is sort of waiting in some digital room for an event to start, as if he is waiting for a livestream or zoom call to start or something similar.

I made the animation on a computer in 3d software, and animated the character using an armature skeleton. The background televisions were modeled from cubes and shaded to look realistic.


Eva O’Connell:


Mixed media

This is a digital combination of an acrylic painting on card, a graphite pencil sketch and an original photograph. The work was inspired by my art history classes and the idea of x-raying paintings to view the layers underneath. The idea of using technology to view an artist’s process inspired me to dissect one of my own pieces and recombine it to show my own process, which begins with a photograph and ends with a finished acrylic painting.


Enda Lyons:


Digital illustration

I looked how we experience art in our current times and was interested in juxtaposing digital drawings and older renowned paintings. I decided to reimagine Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ and Munch’s ‘Madonna’ and think about how they would fare in the world today. I illustrated these works with a focus on the Covid-19 pandemic.


Will Doyle:


Digital illustration

I created a character named Damian, he had a double mastectomy about three six ago and his scars are healing well. He is tiktok famous and is a great dancer.


Katya Bailey

Mechanical Heart

Mixed media on paper

My piece is the link between heart, eyes and earphones.

The piece is based on the theme ‘How we experience art through a digital lens’

Personally, I love music. I feel everyone has music that can make them feel certain ways and can link in with their heart and emotions. I added the heart for this reason.

The eyes were added to make people aware of whatever you put up online people are watching. You can use it for good or bad, but people see.

In this piece I used a range of different media such as markers, gold foiled paper and watercolour paints.



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