RHA Learning Event

RHA TV – 4 Aug
4 Aug 2021
Time: 5 - 7.45pm

All Events below will be live streamed and require booking.

RHA TV on Wednesday 4 August, will live-stream a series of three events taking place in response to Barbara Knežević exhibition, pleasure scapes’, currently showing the RHA Gallagher Gallery. Please see full schedule of events below. The zoom link you receive upon booking will enable you to access all three events.

Schedule of events

5pm – 6.15pm Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll and Barbara Knežević In-Conversation

6.30pm – 7pm Suzanne Walsh: Hard Spicy (Live Performance)

7.15pm – 7.45pm Edy Fung: Would you not recall how your heart once beat for an ordinary Saturday calmness (Live Performance)


5pm – 6.15pm Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll and Barbara Knežević In-Conversation

Join independent curator and art writer Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll in conversation with artist Barbara Knežević, to discuss Knežević’s current solo exhibition pleasure ‘scapes in RHA Gallery. Streamed live on Zoom from RHA Gallagher Gallery. This event is the first of three events taking place in response to pleasure scapes’ on Wednesday 4 August. Please see full schedule of events below. The zoom link you receive upon booking will enable you to access all three events.


Marysia Wieckiewicz-Carroll is an independent curator and art writer. She has organised a number of exhibitions and projects in Ireland and abroad, including New Considerations of Familiar Settings currently on view at Newbridge House, Donabate. She worked as Assistant Curator at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and was one of the co-editors of Paper Visual Art Journal between 2014-2018. Marysia is the founding director of Berlin Opticians Gallery – Dublin’s contemporary art gallery that operates both online and in physical spaces. Together with Nathan O’Donnell she co-edits Numbered Editions – a new imprint for artists’ writing across forms, supported by the Arts Council Literature Project Award. Marysia is a recipient of the Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary Award.


6.30pm – 7pm Suzanne Walsh: Hard Spicy (Live Performance)

Suzanne Walsh performs a live reading and vocalisation of their texts written for the publication Tools for Wellbeing.

Situated in Barbara Knežević’s solo exhibition pleasure ‘scapes, in RHA’s Gallagher Gallery, Suzanne Walsh will perform a live reading and vocalisation of their texts written for the exhibition’s publication Tools for Wellbeing. These poetic texts were written from the same sources of inspiration and interests shared by the artists Walsh and Knežević, which include subjects such as divination and the ancient world. They also range over old medical treaties, digestion, the transgressive potentiality of voice, and the multiplicity of self.


Suzanne Walsh is an artist and writer working with performance, voice, music, and audio, video and photography. They use recitation, recordings, vocalisations, acting, and text appropriation to create rituals, invocations, poetic disturbances, guided tours, and performative lectures. These works, along with writing, attempt to create rifts through which new meanings and realities may occur. The non-human world, from the unseen to the animal, is the main concern of the work, as an attempt to re-order structures of value. Suzanne Walsh also publishes essays, art-writing, poetry, and fiction, in both literary and art publications. These include gorse journal, Fallowmedia, Winter Papers, and Hotel magazine, and art publications such as Circa and RHA publications. Originally from Wexford, Suzanne Walsh’s practice has been supported by the Arts Council, Culture Ireland, Arts and Disability Ireland, and Fire Station Artist Studios (in residence 2016-2019). They have performed/shown/published work in shows including The Body Electric, at The Model Gallery, Sligo (2021), Tulca (2020), Winter Papers at Engage Studios Galway (2019), Embodiment at Gallery Michaelastock, Vienna (2019), Post Opera at TENT Gallery Rotterdam (2019).


7.15pm – 7.45pm Edy Fung: Would you not recall how your heart once beat for an ordinary Saturday calmness (Live Performance)

Responding to Barbara Knežević’s exhibition pleasure ‘scapes, Quantum Foam (Edy Fung) will create and perform a sound piece, using live capture/amplification of her heartbeat, streamed online from RHA’s main gallery space, as part of Angelica Interventions @ RHA Gallery.

The performance will showcase how Fung uses one sound source to generate the creation of a whole sound piece, gradually applying resonance filters and subtractive synthesis in real-time. Audio effects will be tweaked in response to the vibrations of her own heart movement, as she enters a meditative state while inhabiting Knežević’s sculptural environment.

Drawing on the predominant themes of embodiment and sensual engagement within pleasure ‘scapes, Would you not recall how your heart once beat for an ordinary Saturday calmness makes material the physical, bodily response that occurs while residing in an environment of objects, forms, and material, that comprises Knežević’s exhibition.


Working at the interface between the physical and the digital, Derry-based Hong Kong artist Edy Fung seeks to understand how our material world is conditioned through her intermedia art practice. She produces electronic noise music under the name Quantum Foam, creating tracks by sampling and synthesizing her own recordings of real-world sounds. Intrigued by topics in hauntology, she has previously focused on capturing sonic bodies and environments with a temporal and fleeting nature—such as exhibition spaces, vacant and derelict buildings, her own heartbeat. Vibrant matters are sequenced, stretched, and shaped into drone, serialist and sometimes techno genres. She is a visiting artist at Sonic Arts Research Centre in 2019-20 and has showcased her sound art at MUTEK Montreal and Somerset House Studios 2020. Most recently, she performed at MUTEK ES+AR in 2021 ‘Colour of Noise’, searching for a non-human meaning by playing oscillation between recognisable patterns and noises.


Barbara Knežević is an artist and educator living and working in Dublin. She works primarily in sculpture and object making, utilising complex formations of objects and moving images. These sculptural arrangements aim to distil and amplify the qualities and affect of the objects they display, through repeating and calling attention to texture, colour, opacity, pattern or other haptic, sensual qualities. Barbara Knežević’s work explores the potential for artworks to create affect, produce feeling, to induce wellbeing or to generate emotive and pleasurable states. Her sculptural concentrations produce intra-relations between objects, viewer, and space and propose the potential of artworks as zones for radical joyfulness and pleasure, and as ways to reimagine and reconsider ways of being. Her work has been shown recently in Woman in the Machine, VISUAL Carlow; Immurement, STATION Gallery Melbourne; The MAC, Belfast; Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; EKKM, Tallinn; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki; HIAP, Helsinki. She has been commissioned for public art projects and her work features in National and Private Collections such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Ireland and she is a lecturer in Fine Art at TU Dublin.


For further information and accessibility, please email Róisín at engagement@rhagallery.ie.


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