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RHA & TBG+S Young Art Writers Programme September 2018
8 Sep 2018 - 15 Sep 2018
Time: 11am - 5.30pm, 10am - 5.30pm

The Young Art Writers programme is an initiative of RHA and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (TBG+S) and takes place over two days: Saturday 8 & 15 of September. The programme is designed for anyone age 18 – 25 who is interested in art and writing, or who would like to be introduced to this area. No previous experience is necessary and all levels of writing ability are welcome.

The programme is devised to immerse the participants into thinking about writing in relation to the visual arts in a number of ways, in order to support the participants formulating an individual writing practice. Over the two days, participants will visit exhibitions at RHA, Kerlin Gallery and TBG+S, visit artist Kevin Smith in his studio, attend a talk by Gavin Corbett (TBG+S’s 2017, Writer in Residence), attend workshops by writers Sue Rainsford and Aidan Wall and view a variety of diverse arts publications. Participants will be encouraged to think about various possibilities of writing in and around art and to be open to engaging with new techniques, critical thinking, and more.

After the two days, participants will have 2 weeks to submit a written piece which will then be designed into a zine and launched at Dublin Art Book Fair, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, 22 – 26 November 2018.


11am – 5.30pm, Saturday 8 September

The day will begin at RHA with an introduction to the two-day programme. Participants will visit exhibitions by artists Ursula Burke and Amanda Dunsmore at RHA, Daniel Rios Rodriguez at Kerlin Gallery and Stephen Loughman, Proven Answers at TBG+S. The group will visit artist, performer and musician Kevin Smith in his studio at RHA, who uses poetry, script and writing in his art practice. Gavin Corbett, TBG+S’ 2017 writer in residence, will talk to the group about his writing practice and his experience of being the writer in residence at TBG+S. The group will have the opportunity to look at a variety of publications across the two galleries, including exhibition catalogues, accompanying exhibition texts and essays, art magazines, non-profit publications and more.


10am – 5.30pm, Saturday 15 September

The second day will consist of two writing workshops, with Sue Rainsford and Aidan Wall, as follows:

10am – 1pm: Sue Rainsford, Art Writing | on, in & around: An introductory workshop to diverse models of art writing

What does it mean to write inside of an artwork? Or to write your way through it and out from underneath it? How do you work with the shape of it to expand on its tenor and temperature?

Working through a trajectory of diverse forms and material iterations, participants will consider how art writing can be implicitly critical and explicitly responsive. Methods of transcription and expansion include:

  • lyric and responsive forms
  • constraint based writing
  • installation & art writing
  • literary writing & art practice

2pm – 5pm: Aidan Wall, Research, Autofiction and Speculative Art Writing (That is and isn’t Sci-Fi)

Over the course of this workshop, participants will be introduced to a number of artists who work in writing contexts. The workshop will focus particularly on how writing can inform artistic practices and vice versa, with a keen eye towards discussing artists who utilise writing in their performance, video and publishing output.

The artists’ work which will be discussed share the common thread of a fascination with close attentive writing.  They divorce the minutely descriptive qualities of art criticism from the gallery context and instead utilise them to build speculative worlds which reflect contemporary life, abut also imagine magical realist sci-fi futures.


1pm, Monday 1st October: Deadline for written pieces for Zine

22 – 26 November, Zine launch at Dublin Art Book Fair, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios


How to apply


  • Anyone age 18-25
  • No previous experience in the field of art or writing in necessary

 To apply for this workshop please submit the following to friends@rhagallery.ie by Monday 13 August, 2018:

  • Some information on yourself (max. 300 words)
  • A statement of why you want to participate (max. 300 words)
  • Optional: CV, Weblinks

Applicants will be notified by Friday 17, August.



Gavin Corbett is the author of three novels: Innocence (2003), This Is the Way (2013) and Green Glowing Skull (2015). This Is the Way was named Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year in 2013. He has been writer-in-residence in both Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, and in 2017 was writer-in-residence in Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. He worked for many years as a newspaper subeditor and is a graduate of History from TCD.

 Kevin Smith is an artist, performer and musician, and was the recipient of the 2017 RHA graduate studio award. His graduate work, Love In Technicolour, a 17-minute-long film, was selected to show at the RDS Visual Arts Award show last October.

Sue Rainsford is a writer & researcher based in Dublin. Her practice is concerned with hybrid, lyric and embodied texts, explicit fusions of critical and corporeal enquiry, as well as with experiences that alter our understanding of flesh. She is a recipient of the VAI/DCC Critical Writing Award and the Arts Council Literature Bursary Award. Recent projects include The Freud Project Residency at IMMA, where she collaborated with Bridget O’Gorman to respond to Lucian Freud’s assertion ‘I want the paint to feel like flesh’. Her debut novel, Follow Me To Ground, is available from New Island Books, and she was recently awarded a fellowship at The MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire.

Aidan Wall is a writer, musician, game designer and artist based between Dublin and Amsterdam. Their research interests include technology, gender, and games, with a particular interest in examining play as something with the potential to make transparent or reflect systems of governance under contemporary capitalism. The output of this research takes the form of essays, fiction, publications, performances and tabletop games.


Full Itinerary (TBC)


Day 1 | Saturday 8, September, 2018


11:00   Introduction to programme

11:30   RHA Exhibition tour

12:00  Studio visit with Kevin Smith

12:30  Viewing of RHA publications

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Kerlin Gallery exhibition tour

15:00  Temple Bar Gallery + Studios exhibition tour

15:45   Tea & Coffee break

16:00  Gavin Corbett talk

17:00  Viewing of TBG+S publications and library


Day 2 | Saturday 15 September, 2018


10:00  Art Writing | on, in & around, an introductory workshop to diverse models of art writing, Workshop with Sue Rainsford

13:00  Lunch

14:00  Research, Autofiction and Speculative Art Writing (That is and isn’t Sci-Fi),

            Workshop with Aidan Wall

17:00  Feedback session






Image: Dublin Art Book Fair 2017, credit: Giulia Berto

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