Robin Buick RHA

Born Ballymena Co. Antrim, N. Ireland, 1940, Hons BA (Econ.) degree at Trinity College Dublin (1967). He developed a serious interest in sculpture in the early 70s, but had no formal art college education, instead he got instruction from sculptors who were doing figurative work such as David Wynne in London and Milton Hebal in Rome. He took up sculpture as a full time vocation in 1984, and on Milton Hebal’s advice undertook a copy from the antique, The Wrestlers, which the National Gallery of Ireland kindly gave him facilities to study; it took him nine months. He undertook other modelling from life projects and in 1986/7 got a tuition scholarship at The New York Academy, where he studied for a year.

Over twenty five years his interest has shifted from the impressionistic figure to the classical one. He could be characterised as belonging to the Classical Realist movement which is mostly located in the USA. Classical sculpture requires a virtuoso technique which he is still working towards and which it is his personal ambition to master. In 1994 he started the Bacchanal fountain which took four years. His latest project is The Kiss, which he worked on for two years and has just finished.