Academy Member

gorman_portrait_wpmRichard Gorman RHA

b. 1946, Dublin, Ireland.

Gorman was educated in Ireland but since the 1980s has divided his time between Dublin and Milan.

His work draws much of its power from the compositional tension between increasingly prominent and boldly simplified, irregular blocks of colour.

Gorman has exhibited widely and regularly since the mid-1980s, especially in Dublin at Kerlin Gallery, and also in London, Milan and Tokyo. Frequent and extended visits to Japan have notably influenced his working methods and materials, most memorably in a series of highly successful large-scale works executed on handmade washi paper that he produced over the last fifteen years in Fukui in western Japan.

Recent international solo shows include Itami Museum of Art Osaka and Mitaka City Art Foundation Tokyo in 1999, Center Contemporary Graphic Art, Fukushima, Koriyama City Museum of Art, and Yokohama Portside Gallery in 2003, and Mitaka City Gallery of Art and  Ashikaga City Museum of Art 2010

Gorman has also, over the past few years, participated in group shows at Der Spiegel Galerie, Cologne; an exhibition of contemporary Irish drawings, ‘A Measured Quietude’, which toured the Berkeley Art Museum, California and The Drawing Center, New York;

He is represented in many collections, both public and private in Europe, the UK, Ireland and Japan.