Masterclasses & Workshops

Drawing the Figure
By: David Hedderman
30 Mar 2019 - 31 Mar 2019
Fee Application Deadline
€200 March 4, 2019
Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this workshop.

This two-day masterclass will involve approaches to drawing the figure from life that train your powers of observation and allow you to see ways to develop your own style and take your drawing to a new level.

The first day will start with a slide show, where David will map his development as an artist and, in particular, examine the role drawing has played in creative breakthroughs within his own practice.

David will follow with demonstrations, exploring a wide variety of materials and techniques. He will share insights on into how to incorporate the expressivity of materials, how to make room for the improvised and experimental, and how to discover and develop a vocabulary of mark making. The aim of this workshop is to show how a life drawing practice can be used as a kind of ‘visual gym’, giving the participants a structure that helps get the most out of this exercise of the drawing muscle.

There will be opportunities for individual tutoring and, equally important for accelerated learning, for group review, a process of looking consciously and objectively at what you’ve achieved and then deciding what direction you want your work to take and, crucially, asking the question: what counts as a finished work?

A musician and artist, David works with carefully constructed musical playlists designed to accompany a 2 hour class that he has developed over last few years. The timings, sequencing and emotional tenor of this class will be the anchor of the workshops on both days. The second day will concentrate on building up to longer poses  and will address the idea of working towards a body of work.

David Hedderman is an Irish artist living and working in Berlin. He set up his life drawing Studio, Atelier3/4, there in 2012 and has been teaching regular classes since. David has also maintained a strong connection to Ireland, regularly exhibiting in the RHA Annual exhibition where he was awarded the Hennessy Craig Scholarship in 2015. David was commissioned to write a book on the subject of life drawing, Draw, Ammonite Press, 2017. His first major solo show in Dublin was of drawings that, tracing the model’s movement on the page and through overlaying poses, create complex, overlapping spaces and form of non-narrative but descriptive ‘score’ out of the life drawing setting (‘Shaking Still’, Hang Tough Gallery, November 2018).