Michael Cullen RHA, Studio Corner with Spring Flowers.
Annual Exhibition

184th Annual Exhibition

This year, only artists who submitted work in 2013 will be sent a form. All other artists can collect forms from the RHA or from 10 locations nationwide. The forms will also be available on the RHA website to download and print, to be returned to the RHA by 24 March, 2014. This new system will enable us to better use our resources and make it easier for artists to apply.

How to submit work

1. I’d like to submit work for the exhibition.  How do I get a form?

Artists who applied in 2013 will receive application forms in mid February 2014.  Artists can collect forms from the following locations from February 15th:

Dublin, RHA

Cork, Crawford Art Gallery

Galway, Galway Arts Centre

Navan, Solstice Arts Centre

Wexford, Wexford Arts Centre

Limerick, Limerick City Art Gallery

Sligo, The Model

Ballina, Ballina Arts Centre

Athlone, Luan Gallery

2. Can I download a form from the website?

Yes.  Forms can be downloaded from the RHA website from February 4th.

It is vital that artists print the entire pdf and return the form and reply sections (as marked) to the RHA along with fee.  Artists must print and attach two labels to each piece entered.  Work will not be accepted without the labels.

3.  I’ve missed the submission date – can I still enter work?

If you do not have a form in time for final submission date of March 24th, you can make a late entry at hand in. You can fill out form, pay fee and enter your work on Friday April 4th and Saturday April 5th.  There is an additional fee for making a late entry, €20 per piece as rather than €15

4. Do you accept work from outside Ireland?

Yes.  However you must ensure that your work reached us on the designated days and that work from outside the EU is customs compliant.  The RHA will not pay customs charges or duty on work.

5. How many works can I submit and what does it cost?

You can submit up to three pieces and each piece costs €15 to submit.  Fees are note returnable even of the works are not hand in. Please note that a diptych, triptych or polytych is counted as one piece.

6. I have filled out my form – what now?

Forms plus fees must be returned to the RHA by Monday, March 24th.

Your work will be handed in to RHA on Friday April 4th and Saturday April 5th, from 10.30am to 4.30pm only.

Labels must be attached to your work, both tie on and stick on label.  This helps us identify your work – we receive over 3,000 each year and works without labels cannot be accepted.

Please ensure that the details are correct and that the work corresponds to the form.  It is important that you make sure that all details are included, especially print edition and the numbers that are available for sale if the piece is selected.  Please sign your form as we cannot accept work without your signature.

7. Under general conditions, it states that work must be professionally presented.  What does this mean?

This means that the piece of work that you submit is ready for exhibition and that no further work is needed on it.  It must be completely ready for our team to hang if accepted.

8. What does “undue size” mean?

Work to the exhibition is accepted due to its merit. However, if the work is large, for example 2m x 3m or 3m x 4m, it may not be accepted as we have a finite wall space and prefer to exhibit a large number of works.  A large work simply takes up too much room.

9. Does work have to be marked for sale?

All work must be marked for sale with the exception of portraits.  Please note all conditions on the form, as work that does not adhere to these conditions will not be accepted.

10. Hand in – what do I do?

You must bring your work to the RHA unwrapped.  Artists delivering work to Dublin must take all wrapping with them.  Exceptions are made in relation to delicate or fragile work, for example photographs on di-bond or delicate sculpture and we ask that they remain wrapped.  Work will only be accepted on the designated days.

11.  I have a large piece of sculpture – do I need to hand it in?

Although we ask that all work is submitted, we understand that it isn’t possible to transport large and heavy pieces.  You can send us good quality photographs indicating scale and the selection committee can make a decision based on these.

12.  How does selection work?

The selection committee is made up of six members of the Council of the Academy.  Works by each artist are presented to the committee anonymously and work is judged solely on merit.  The work is then marked as unselected, possible or selected.  The selection takes place over five days.

13. How do I know if my work has been selected?

You will be notified by post as to the status of your entry.

Accepted means that the work will be exhibited in the 2014 exhibition

Possible means that the work was passed by the selection committee for a second viewing, but was not placed in the final selection

Unaccepted means that the work was not placed in the final selection

14. My work has not been selected – where do I collect it?

Collection dates are Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th, from 10.30am to 4.30pm only.  Work can only be collected on the designated days.  If you are unable to collect on the designated days, we ask that you arrange for someone to collect on your behalf or make an appointment to collect after the exhibition opens.  Work not collected on the designated day will be liable for storage charges.  Work that has not been collected within three months will be disposed of by RHA

15. How much commission does the RHA take?

We take 25% commission on work sold during the exhibition.

16. If my work sells, when will I be paid?

We pay a month after the close of the exhibition if we have received payment from the buyer.

17. My work is being delivered by courier, what do I need to do?

Courier delivery day is Thursday, April 3rd, from 12 to 5pm only. Please ensure that delivery is on this day only. Please note that this day is for courier and art transporters only.

18. Can I send work or courier from abroad?

Yes, please note all artists are liable for all transport, duty and VAT costs or any other related costs. Please insure that your work is correctly packaged as the RHA can accept no responsibility for work damaged in transit.

General conditions – please read

  1. Works that have already been publicly displayed in Dublin are not eligible for selection
  2. The RHA reserves the right to reject work that they believe may be in breach of copyright
  3. All work must be professionally presented and ready for exhibition.  All unframed photographs must be wrapped and protected with special attention paid to the surface and edges.  Delicate 3D work must be boxed and labeled.  All works must be presented with complete mechanisms for hanging.  Exposed wet canvases will not be accepted under any circumstances.  Work that is deemed damaged or unfit for exhibition will be automatically deemed ineligible for exhibition.
  4. All works must be marked for sale with the exception of portraits
  5. Sold work is marked with a red dot.  A deposit of 10% is required in order to secure a sale.  The RHA shall not be liable for any loss arising out of the failure by a purchaser to complete a sale or the mis-marking of any piece as sold.
  6. No work may be removed from the exhibition until after the close of the exhibition.
  7. The artist allows the RHA to use images of the work for publicity purposes.  This includes website (RHA and others), print (magazine, newspapers and trade publications), social media and catalogue.
  8. The RHA will not undertake the wrapping, crating and packing of any works.
  9. Artists sending work from outside the EU are liable for duty and any related charges. 10.25% commission will be deducted on the catalogue price of all works sold during the exhibition.  Artists will be paid one month after the close of the exhibition and only if the RHA has been paid.
  10. The upmost care will be taken of all works submitted for the exhibition.  The RHA will not be responsible for any damage, loss of, or destruction to, any works for any reason whatsoever.  Artists should insure their work against all risks.
  11. Work not collected from the RHA on the dedicated collection days will be subject to storage charges. Work not collected within three months will be disposed of.
  12. In order to meet deadlines, incomplete applications will not be accepted.  The RHA will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the catalogue.

Download and print form here.