189th Annual Exhibition

189th RHA Annual Exhibition Application Forms are available for download here: RHA Annual Form 2019.


Exhibition forms and guidelines are available to download from the RHA website only. Only entries made on these forms are acceptable. Forms, along with the reply section, must be returned to the RHA as LATE ENTRIES now only along with payment. The labels must be attached to each work prior to handing in day.

An artist can submit up to three pieces. Each artwork costs €30 to submit as a LATE ENTRY. Please note that a diptych, triptych or polyptych is counted as one piece. Please note that separate works from a series are not defined as one piece.

The RHA accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Postal Order made to RHA
  • Personal cheque made to RHA
  • Cash
  • Credit Card (in person and late entry ONLY)
  • PayPal via RHA website – see HERE

Please note that credit card payments will only be taken in person at the RHA and NOT by phone. Artists paying by PayPal must include the proof of payment with their entry form.
Entry forms without fee will not be accepted.

Entry forms without a signature will not be accepted. Please ensure that you have read all terms and conditions of entry prior to making an application.

There are three days for handing in of work:

  • Thursday April 4th, 11am to 4pm (COURIER ONLY)
  • Friday April 5th, 10.30am to 4.30pm (ALL ARTISTS)
  • Saturday April 6th, 10.30am to 4.30pm (ALL ARTISTS)

Please note that COURIER day is only for art transporters and couriers, no exceptions.

Artwork must be delivered UNWRAPPED.

Each artwork must have both a tie on and stick on label. Please ensure that the label information matches the information on your form. It is important that all details are included on the form, as incomplete details will deem the entry inadmissible. All works will be checked on entry so please make sure your information is correct. Works that have editions must include the total of the edition and number available.

Late entries will be accepted on Friday April 5th and Saturday April 6th. Each artwork entered will cost €30 if put in as a late entry. Forms and labels will be available at the RHA.

We accept work from outside the EU. However, you must ensure that your work reaches us on the designated days and is customs compliant. The RHA will not pay customs charges, duty or any associated charges on works arriving by courier. It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that the work is correctly packaged, as the RHA will not accept responsibility for work damaged in transit or by any third parties.

All works handed in for selection must be:


Professionally presented (needing no further work, additions or framing prior to exhibition)

Labelled correctly

Not of undue size (work over 2m x 2m are only considered in exceptional circumstances)

Works that are of a delicate or fragile nature can be delivered wrapped but must be clearly marked with additional labels on the packaging. The organisers may ask that work is unwrapped should it not be necessary.

Large sculptures may be entered using documentation only. This is an exception made for large and heavy works. Documentation must indicate scale and be of good quality; otherwise the entry is ineligible for selection.

The selection committee is made up of six members of the Council of the RHA. Artworks are presented anonymously and judged solely on merit. Selection takes place over six days with artists being notified by post by Wednesday April 16th. The decision is final and binding and no correspondence or feedback will be entered into under any circumstance.
Works are marked as follows:

Accepted – the work will be exhibited in the 2019 exhibition

Possible – the work was passed by the selection committee for a second viewing but was not
placed in the final selection

Unaccepted – the work was not placed in the final selection

There are three days for collecting of work:

  • Friday April 26th, 10.30am to 4.30pm (ALL ARTISTS)
  • Saturday April 27th, 10.30am to 4.30pm (ALL ARTISTS)
  • Monday April 29th (COURIER ONLY)

Unaccepted and possible works must be collected on the designated days. If an artist is unable to collect on these days, we ask that you ask someone to collect on your behalf or make an appointment to collect at a later date. Works not collected by the end of May 2019 will be liable for a storage charge. Works not collected by end of August 2019 will be disposed of.

We ask that all couriers make collection appointments on Monday April 29th.

The RHA takes 35% commission on any work sold during the exhibition. Artists will be paid a month after the close of the exhibition subject to the payment being received from the buyer.

7.1 Works that have already been exhibited in the City and County of Dublin are not eligible for selection.
7.2 The RHA reserves the right to reject work that it believes is in breach of copyright laws.
7.3 Work must be professionally presented for exhibition. All artworks must be presented with complete mechanisms for hanging. Exposed wet canvases or works that could cause damage to others will not be accepted under any circumstances. Work that arrives damaged or unfit for exhibition due to any material defect will be automatically deemed ineligible for exhibition.
7.4 All works must be marked for sale with the exception of portraits.
7.5 Artist sending works from outside the EU are responsible for payment of any associated duties or taxes. The RHA will not be responsible for resolving any customs issues that may occur.
7.6 The upmost care will be taken of all works submitted for exhibition. The RHA will not be responsible for any damage, loss of or destruction of any works for any reason whatsoever. Artists should insure their works against all risks.
7.7 In order to meet deadlines, incomplete applications will not be accepted. The RHA will not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the catalogue. The RHA will not be liable for any loss arising out of any error, omission or decision made by the committee.
7.8 Work not collected from the RHA on the designated days will be liable to a storage charge or disposed of.
7.9 The artist allows the RHA to use images of any artwork for publicity and public engagement purposes only. This includes television, print (catalogue, newspapers, trade publications), website (RHA and others), social media (RHA and others) and any other method that the RHA deems fit for purpose.
7.10 No work may be removed from the exhibition until after the close of the exhibition.
7.11 Sold work is marked with a red dot. A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of 10% is required to secure a sale. The RHA will not be liable for any loss arising out of the failure by a purchaser to complete a sale or the mis-marking of any piece sold. 35% commission from the listed catalogue price will be deducted from all works sold during the exhibition. Artists will be
paid one month after the close of the exhibition and only if the RHA has been fully paid by the buyer.
7.12 The RHA will not undertake the wrapping, crating and packing of any artworks.
7.13 For awards with age constraints, the artist must be below or the relevant age on the date of submission in order to qualify, in this case March 25th, 2019.

189th RHA Annual Exhibition Application Forms are available for download here: RHA Annual Form 2019.


RHA Annual Exhibition Selection Procedures

Each year, the Council of the Academy chooses six Council Members of the Academy to select the Annual Exhibition.  The President of the RHA chairs this panel and has the casting vote.  This selection committee works over six days to choose the artworks that will be included in the exhibition.  Selection works in two parts; in the first part, artworks are placed in either the Unselected or Possible categories.  Artworks must receive a majority vote to be placed in Possible, so four or more out of six votes.  In the second part, artworks stay as Possible or are placed in the Accepted category and therefore in the exhibition.  Again artworks must receive a majority vote to be placed in the exhibition.  Artists are notified as to the decision the week after selection and all works marked as Unselected and Possible must be collected on the designated days.  Around 12% of works submitted are selected and each year we receive over 2,600 works, with numbers growing year on year.