190th RHA Annual Exhibition

All information concerning the digital submission procedure and the terms and conditions of the exhibition are on the OESS website www.royalhibernianacademy.oess1.uk/.

The RHA Annual Exhibition Selection Committee met week of 17th August and over a number of days, reviewed 600+ works at the RHA. The final selection for the RHA 190th Annual Exhibition has been made and all artists have been notified. If your work was being considered, please log on to your OESS account to check the outcome.

To collect unselected work, please see below:

Collection Details to facilitate your safety and physical distancing:

Surname A, B, C, D – 10am to 12pm Friday Sept 18th

Surname E, F – 12pm to 1pm Friday Sept 18th

Surname G, H, I, J – 1pm to 2pm Friday Sept 18th

Surname K, L – 2pm to 5pm Friday Sept 18th

Surname M, Mac, Mc – 10am to 12pm Saturday Sept 19th

Surname N – 12pm to 1pm Saturday Sept 19th

Surname O – 1pm to 2pm Saturday Sept 19th

Surname P, Q – 2pm to 3pm Saturday Sept 19th

Surname R, S – 3pm to 4pm Saturday Sept 19th

Surname T, U, V, W – 4pm to 5pm Saturday Sept 19th