187th Annual Exhibition: New Procedure for Opening Events


Due to the increasing number of attendees to both the Varnishing Day on Sunday 21 May and the Official Opening on Monday 22 May and in order to comply with RHA capacity limits, both of these events will now be STRICTLY ticketed events.

22 May Official Opening

5 – 6.30pm, RSVP only through www.eventbrite.ie  BOOK HERE

6.30 – 8pm, RSVP only through www.eventbrite.ie BOOK HERE

21 May Varnishing Day

1 – 3pm, Timed Invitation only.
3 – 5pm, Timed Invitation only.
Invitations posted directly to all Friends of the RHA and exhibiting artists with 1 guest.

We ask you to only use the gallery during your time allocation.

 21 May Prize Giving

12 – 1pm, Invitation only.
Prize Winning Artists only, Academy Members, Prize Givers, Presidents Circle Members, Benefactors Gold, Corporate Friends/Benefactors.



Award Winning Artists, Academy Members, Prize Givers, Corporate Friends/Benefactors, Presidents Circle, Benefactor Gold and Benefactor members of the Friends of the RHA will receive invitations to the Prize Giving ceremony from 12 – 1pm, Sunday 21 May.

Friends of the RHA will receive an invitation for either the 1 – 3pm or 3 – 5pm part of Varnishing Day, enclosed with the RHA newsletter posted directly to Friends, two weeks prior to the Official Opening. These have been selected randomly and we ask that Friends of the RHA please adhere to your time allocation.

Entry to the Official opening of the 187th Annual Exhibition on Monday 22 May will be restricted. Notification will be sent to our email guest list when booking is available and we will ask that guests RSVP to this event on www.eventbrite.ie.

Please bring your invitation or booking confirmation with you to gain entry and please also note that there may be some waiting time. If you would like to join our email mailing list and receive notification, please email info@rhagallery.ie with Invitation List in the subject title or join our mailing list here on the RHA website.