Peer Residency: Current Artists

Peer Residency 2017


RHA School has invited two recent graduates of painting from NCAD – Eve O’Callaghan and Christopher Kearney to undertake a peer residency in 2017. The object of the residency is to provide a shared studio space for peer learning and practice.

Eve O’Callaghan’s work depicts colour in its brightest and most simple forms and are visibly rooted in various traditions of abstraction, whilst also taking into account questions around materiality in contemporary painting. O’Callaghan reduces the idea of material to the basic interaction of pigment and light in the perception of colour. Christopher Kearney’s practice investigates the relationship between pictures of the world and objects in the world – the idea and the thing itself. He draws from memory and the suburban landscape creating painted objects which explore themes of place, idleness and boredom. Both O’Callaghan and Kearney intend to use the residency to continue to develop the ideas and material concerns that drive their practice.