In September 2017, the RHA School will expand the courses offered to provide a structured modular learning programme. Students can avail of each term in a self-contained period of learning or move from one to the next creating a stepped learning programme offering in-depth tuition in painting and drawing. The aim of the programme is to offer tuition and mentoring to professional artists and third level students who wish to develop or build a skill base through observational practice. This allows students to move from assigned learning to self-directed practice. Students who would benefit from these courses are artists who wish to upskill or build on existing knowledge in drawing and painting.

This new programme will consist of three strands:
■ Foundation Learning in Painting and Drawing offers two terms in each discipline and consists of the fundamental principals in both. Foundation learning will run on Wednesdays at the RHA School.

■ Mentored Learning will consist of sessions led by experienced practitioners and offer the participants the opportunity to build and apply skills they learn in a supported environment. Mentored learning will take place on Thursdays at the RHA School.

■ Self-Directed Learning will provide the space for participants to apply and pursue their practice in a life-drawing programme that is self-led. Self-directed sessions are scheduled on Fridays at the RHA School.

Upcoming RHA School Courses

28 Jun 2019 - 26 Jul 2019