Professional Development

Sustaining Your Practice Online Workshop
By: Ingrid Lyons, Helen G Blake, Blaise Smith RHA
24 Sep 2020
Time: 3pm
Venue: Online

Sustaining Your Practice Workshop; A Practical Guide to Staying Connected and Visible Online

Do you feel that being online has become essential but don’t know where to begin?

Do you think you are missing out on opportunities because you are not connected?

Are you daunted by the prospect on changing the way you communicate with people?

Do you feel that you are being left behind?

This webinar will help you adapt to this changing landscape by hearing from other professionals who are also on that journey.

As we know, artists rely on staying networked and visible as way to generate new opportunities and serendipitous ways of making a living. The need for artists to use online tools has been growing for some time, but has accelerated under COVID-19 as other options are disappearing. For most people, being connected online is now an essential part of being a professional artist.

Age & Opportunity Arts, together with Visual Artists Ireland and the Royal Hibernian Academy, have devised an online workshop to support artists to build or maintain a dynamic online profile.

While the internet can be a powerful tool to help people connect with audiences, customers and other arts professionals on many levels. It can also be a daunting arena to enter into as there are so many different ways that people connect and it can be difficult to understand how to make yourself visible. This online workshop is aimed at artists who are beginning their journey into the online world and will leave participants feeling more confident in understanding how online tools can work for them.

  • Ingrid Lyons is a freelance writer and curator who has considerable experience of working galleries and will discuss how galleries use online tools to build relationships with artists.
  • Visual artist Helen G Blake will talk about her own experience of how she uses online tools to build genuine connections with her audiences, and the lessons she has learnt along the way.
  • Visual artist and RHA academician Blaise Smith will discuss how he approaches the online world as a mechanism to communicate and connect in relation to his work.

Fee: €5, Apply HERE