Professional Development

Phillip Allen, Bombay Soutin, 2016, Oil on board, 26cm x 30cm, Image courtesy of the artist.
James Merrigan in Conversation with Phillip Allen
By: James Merrigan & Phillip Allen
25 Oct 2017
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: RHA Friends Room

VAI in partnership with the RHA School present James Merrigan in Conversation with Phillip Allen.

In addition to the Public Talk series, Painting As Material, RHA School is partnering with VAI to provide a critical feedback clinic for professional artists with a focus on painting. This will be held on Wednesday 25 October in the RHA Gallery and will be led by writer and critic James Merrigan and artist Phillip Allen. In the evening, an In Conversation event between Merrigan and Allen will be held, this segment of the event will be open to the public.

For more information and to apply for the critical feedback clinic, please click HERE. The In Conversation segment of this event is open to the public, no booking required.

“There’s so much to do out there, so many new things, efficient things, seamless things, unlimiting things, precise things, fast things, fun things, things at your fingertips things, why paint?” – James Merrigan

James Merrigan is an artist and art critic (and lapsed painter). For the past decade, he has promoted and prompted art discourse and criticism in Ireland as a writer, editor and teacher. In 2010, he developed, where he found the freedom to experiment with a more playful and polemical art criticism. Recent and ongoing projects include Deep-Seated which took as its starting point the psychoanalytic promotion of the ‘talking cure’; and All or Nothing, a film that looks at the nature and nurture of painting from an Irish perspective

James is part-time co-ordinator and lecturer for the MPhil module Psychoanalysis and Art at Trinity College Dublin, and he tutors documentary filmmaking and portfolio preparation at Gorey School of Art. He is currently designing a Critical Writing & Thinking through Art course which he will deliver at Gorey School of Art in September 2017.

Phillip Allen is a London based painter and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Allen completed an MA in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art London in 1992. Allen is the Course Coordinator at Turps Studio Painting Programme, London, tutor at Royal College of Art MA painting, and also tutors at UEL- Wimbledon College of Art, Westminster University and has been a visiting lecture at various colleges including The Royal Academy, Ruskin School of Art Oxford and Goldsmiths.

Image: Phillip Allen, Bombay Soutin, 2016, Oil on board, 26cm x 30cm, Image courtesy of the artist.