181st RHA Annual Exhibition Catalogue


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Essays by Dr Eimear O’Connor HRHA and Mick O’Dea RHA

“The group exhibition of several artists’ work showing simultaneously continues to enjoy immense popularity. Leaving one recent opening, having completed all the formalities and in order to escort the then Minister Mary Hanafin off the premises, we experienced a not insubstantial delay in exiting due to the volume of people entering. ‘They’re still pouring in’ said an astonished Minister.

Increased public participation is more than good news. It is a manifestation of something much more significant. To my mind it suggests that in this milieu we feel at home with ourselves in this context – at one with ourselves, mentally and emotionally. The impact cannot be measured but it increases confidence in the RHA’s significance culturally and socially at this eccentric time in our history. The place buzzes when all else seems lost. Art represents the single constant of our value system.”

Des McMahon PRHA, President RHA, extract from Preface