Sam Douglas, Wandering Flock, 2011
Sam Douglas

Over the past few years Sam Douglas has travelled to various mountain ranges – the Himalayas, Caucasus, Atlas and Picos de Europa. These places have filtered into a recent series of paintings and serve as the starting point for the mapping out of an invented territory. The geographical and cultural isolation of such places offers space for escapist reverie, which once returned to the studio is explored through painting processes that attempt to refer to the geology and atmosphere of the mountain landscape. Erosion and sedimentation are present ifile:///Users/johnpower/Downloads/2013_11_15_Retreat_Promo-0233.tifn repeated sanding back, over painting and the pouring of successive layers of varnish and linseed oil to create an often-dense surface and atmosphere that both occludes and vivifies the image. The burial and uncovering of elements within this surface is also suggestive of archaeological activity, with ambiguous forms half sunk in the strata of the paint- cryptic architecture, unnatural outcrops of rock and the remnants of mining and quarrying occur throughout the work.

Artist Bio

Sam Douglas has exhibited extensively since graduating from The Royal College of Art, London in 2007 and this March will exhibit a new series of paintings of mountainous landscapes, in the RHA Ashford Gallery.

Other recent exhibitions include, Restless Nature, Group show, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London, 2011 then showed at Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, 2011, Suddenly I am nowhere, Group show, Studio 1.1, London, 2010, Solo Show, Cross Gallery n.a.g. , Dublin, 2010, Pretty Baa-Lambs, group show, Madder 139, London, 2009, New Artist Gallery, Cross Gallery, Dublin, 2009

180th Annual Exhibition, RHA, Dublin, 2008, N.T Group show, The Red Room, London, 2008, Solo Show, Corn Exchange Gallery, Edinburgh, 2008, A1c Gallery, Group show, Canada, 2008, Catalyst Arts, Group show, Belfast, 2008, Royal Academy Summer show, London, 2007, Royal College of Art Great Exhibition, London, 2007, Contemporary Art projects Winter exhibition, London, 2007, RCA summer Show, London, 2006, Star Gallery, Sussex, 2003.