Michael Warren overseeing the installation of Of Weght and Wings
Michael Warren
Of Weights and Wings

One of Ireland’s leading sculptors, Warren uses this opportunity to open up the social consciousness of his work and conceive a piece that will tilt previous commentators who restricted his output to the confines of minimalism. A major installation will be accompanied by recent individual work that references his childhood and family.

Warren has conceived a piece specific to the main gallery space of the RHA. The structure of this work has evolved from the impression made upon him by a structure within the crucifixion scene depicted in La Calvaire by Mantegna (1431-1506), as well as the philosophies surrounding structure, materiality and physicality. A large platform, Piazza, measuring over 11 by 11 metres, will create a dialogue with the architecture of the space. The sheer physical presence of the work will invite the viewer to walk across the piece and become part of Warren’s piazza.

Warren is known for his considerate use of materials, often allowing the quality of the material to become the dominant issue; however the importance he places on proportion and how a piece relates to the space where it is placed, will make this exhibition a must-see.

‘Sculpture is an expression of matter, the same matter that comprises the world and is subject to the strains of existence and the accidental.’

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Artist Bio

Born in Wexford in 1950, Warren studied at Bath Academy of Art, spent a year reading Philosophy, Psychology and English at Trinity College, Dublin and graduated from Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. His work has been exhibited in all of the major venues: The Douglas Hyde, the Hugh Lane Dublin City Gallery, IMMA, The Crawford Gallery and the Butler Gallery. He has created some of the most challenging and engaging public sculpture of the past twenty years: Wood Quay at Dublin Civic Offices, Beneath the Bow at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and his landwork in Wexford, Tulach a ‘tSolais. His commitment and achievement have been recognised the world over with solo shows in Cologne, Paris, Houston and his striking large-scale sculptures in Spain, Andorra, the Far East, Ecuador and elsewhere.

A full colour catalogue illustrating many of the artist’s past public projects and installations will accompany this exhibition.

For further information on Michael Warren go to the website http://www.michaelwarren.ie