Jonathan Mayhew
HUT Project Part II

Jonathan Mayhew, All Flowers In Time

End of Ely Place, Dublin 2 (adjacent to the RHA)
Viewable around-the-clock until 19th February 2016

‘We breathe too fast to be able to grasp things in themselves or to expose their fragility. Our panting postulates and distorts them, creates and disfigures them, and blinds us to them’.   Emil Cioran, A Short History of Decay

We forget what we regularly encounter: buildings, trees, plants, people to a certain extent – entropy’s slow decline rendered invisible due to day-to-day familiarity. Maybe the thing we think of as beautiful isn’t what it seems? Memories replace the real. It’s hard to stop and see what’s really happening. Some of the most important changes are hidden from us, and its not until they’re gone that we realise we’ve lost them. Time allows us to forget only until it’s too late to see.

Durational performance for flowers, vase, light bulb & 3 texts, published throughout the exhibition’s run. Texts will only be available at the front desk of the RHA during the exhibition.