Nevan Lahart, rear wall of the Church of Naivety, 2010
Nevan Lahart
A Lively Start to a Dead End

“A lot of the Press Releases you read for art exhibitions these days, tell you all sorts of things about what you can expect to see in the upcoming show. These more often than not consist in making references to the references that can be found in the work. You go there, expecting all sorts of things and then you come across the work………..and the rest is up to you. With this press release I hope to avoid any crossed wires or disappointment due to differences between the work and what these words say the work would do. So I will list some things that you definitely will not find in the exhibition. Understanding, meaning or a new lifestyle choice.

P.S. It might shed some light on the show to know that the working title for a while was
‘Shit in my Brain @40cent@hr’ “