Ann Quinn
Ann Quinn

Ann Quinn’s solo exhibition Different Silences is a collection of paintings she made following an artist residency in Andalucía and time spent in Eastern Europe and Donegal. The artist adds:

“ I had a dream when I was very young that I was down the fields of my home where I grew up in Donegal. I was climbing over a ditch into another field, which was on higher ground. As I climbed up, instead of seeing more fields there was an ocean in front of me. My instinct was to run home but I made myself stay and watch for a few seconds. I remember thinking: ‘Wait ‘til I tell the others that there is an ocean down our fields that no one knew about. I awoke still in that excitement then disappointment to find it did not really happen, there was no ocean down our green fields. The dream and the disappointment have stayed very real for me. I am always searching for that enchanting otherworldliness that nature can sometimes bring.

Artist Bio

Born in Donegal in 1978, Ann Quinn graduated from the National College of Art & Design in 2000 with a BA Degree in Fine Art. She has held solo exhibitions at the Cross Gallery (2006 and 2008), South Tipperary Art Centre (2006) and the Irish Art Centre, New York (2005). She has been selected for the RHA Annual Exhibition since 2004, in which, she was short listed for the Hennessey Craig Award in 2008.