RHA Learning Event

Urban Landscape Painting with artist Kathy Tynan
12 May 2018
Time: 2 - 4.30pm

AGES 8 – 12YRS

This workshop will explore and identify aspects of our everyday urban landscape through paint. Working from a selection of photographs of Dublin City, we will draw on particular details, patterns and recurring motifs to make a series of large watercolours on paper. We will build our paintings in layers and washes, engaging with the medium’s versatility and experimental nature.

The workshop will focus on quick, intuitive decision making and uninhibited mark-making. The afternoon will offer a celebration of our everyday surroundings while also emphasising the potential of paint.

Kathy Tynan makes paintings which typically depict details and particularities of urban and domestic scenes. While her paintings are figurative, the real subject matter of her work is the moment of encounter within the everyday when ordinary or usually overlooked aspects of a scene become illuminated.

Image: Kathy Tynan, Divided Self, 2017, Image courtesy Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin.

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