RHA Friends Event

Tour of the National Print Museum
22 Jun 2019
Time: 2.30pm

The National Print Museum was founded by members of the print industry in 1996, officially opening in Beggars Bush Barracks. It contains a collection of over 10,000 objects, of which 30% are on display at any one time, that cover the whole range of printing craft in Ireland. The collection comprises printing machinery and artifacts including printing blocks, metal and wooden movable type, ephemera, photographs, books, pamphlets, periodicals and one banner.

It is a unique museum, the only one of its kind in Ireland. On display is a representative collection of this rich centuries-old printing heritage. Highlights include an original 1916 Proclamation along with a Wharfedale Stop CylinderPress, the machine similar to that which the Proclamation was printed on.

The collection consists of fully-operational letterpress printing equipment, displayed and organised like a traditional 1960s print-shop. Letterpress (one of the greatest inventions known to mankind) is a form of relief printing, invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439. It prevailed as the chief manner of printing until the mid 20th Century. The temporary exhibitions explore the impact of print and the powerful role it played in shaping our histories. Printed artefacts capture the spirit of the age in which they were created.

During the interactive guided tour of the museum, the tour guide will accompany us on a journey of discovery, with both technical descriptions and anecdotal tales, through the three core areas of the exhibition – the Composing Area, the Printing Area and the Finishing Area.

The RHA Friends will also be offered the opportunity to hand compose and print a poster during the tour!

Booking is essential for all Friends events. To book please email Michelle Considine, Friends Co-ordinator at friends@rhagallery.ie or tel: 01 661 2558.

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