RHA Learning Event

RHA Kids: Creating a Visual Journal with artist Liz Rackard (Ages 12 – 16)
18 Jan 2020
Time: 2pm - 4.30pm

Ages 12 – 16

This workshop introduces participants to visual journaling, the process of creating a notebook to record thoughts, feelings and ideas in visual form. The workshop is experiential and interactive with a focus on exploring creativity through painting, collage and other art materials in notebook format. Participants will be encouraged to engage spontaneously with a variety of materials in the development of their journal. Words arising in response to images can become part of the creative process.

The overall aim of the workshop is to build confidence in using visual journaling as an imaginative and enjoyable form of self-expression. No previous art or journaling experience is required and you do not have to be ’good at art’ to participate.

Liz Rackard is an artist and art therapist who uses visual journaling or ‘doodling in notebooks’ as a means of spontaneous self-expression. Originally trained as a weaver, she has explored a wide variety of media and processes, including painting, printmaking and sculpture. Recently her work has focused on portraiture, working on a small scale and in miniature. Notebooks for Liz are an informal, enjoyable way of capturing in visual and written form the thoughts, ideas and feelings that influence her work and life.


Booking essential. Click here to book.


RHA Kids workshops are free to attend thanks to the generous sponsorship by IPUT.

Image: Liz Rackard, Visual Journaling




RHA Kids Consent Form – Liz Rackard 18 January 2020
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