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RHA KIDS | Constructing the Alter Ego: RHA Kids Workshop with artistic duo Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske- FULLY BOOKED
25 May 2019
Time: 2 - 4.30pm

Ages 8 – 12

This workshop will use storytelling and improvisation to bring out the persona of our own unique alter ego: secret best friend, heroine, hero or hypothetical twin. Together as a group we will do fun and spontaneous storytelling exercises to figure out if our secret second self is stubborn, funny, loud, shy, loves ice cream, likes the colour green but despises soccer and hates the taste of bananas? Whatever their main traits, behaviours or feelings are, together we will translate these into a physical form by making masks and costumes. We will work with different materials such as cardboard, space blankets, scaffold mesh, fabrics, tape and glitter to create costumes that enrich the empowered side of one’s self.

Ella Bertilsson (SWE/IRE) and Ulla Juske (EST/IRE) have been using conversation as the generative ground for their multidisciplinary work, which considers storytelling, symbolism, staging and sound to produce a mood of absurdity, disquiet and unresolved suspense. The duo explores multiple identities through fictional characters used in installations consisting of video, large-scale plywood structures, sound, construction materials and discarded mattresses. Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske undertook the Peer Residency at the RHA in Spring 2019 and received the Digital Media Bursary Award 2019 at Firestation, Artists Studios, Dublin.

RHA Kids workshops are free to attend thanks to the generous sponsorship by IPUT. Please Book HERE






Image: Ella Bertilsson and Ulla Juske, Deconstruct to Reconstruct, performance, Pallas Projects/ Studios, 2018, Image courtesy of the artists.




RHA Kids Consent Form – Ella and Ulla 25 May 2019

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