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Really Helping Artists, RHA Micro Grants for Artists
15 May 2020 - 16 Jun 2020





#ReallyHelpingArtists is a new fund to make small, easily accessible grants to alleviate some of the financial distress artists are experiencing, during the current pandemic. As an artists’ organization, the RHA is acutely aware of the difficulties that visual artists are experiencing in the current crisis. Opportunities for earning income from sales, teaching or casual employment have all but gone. Artists, who we as a society hold dear, need our help and this fund, while it will not replace an income, may lift a worry or anxiety about a bill, a rent payment, the cost of materials, even a grocery shop.

The RHA sought permission to apply funds from a designated bequest to creating an emergency micro-grant initiative for artists in need. This permission was granted with a pledge of €10,000 to create one third of the fund, aiming to raise an additional €20,000 for the fund with the help of the Irish public.

The response over the last two weeks has been truly overwhelming. The fund has already surpassed its original target of raising €20,000! We have now been challenged by an anonymous donor to keep going.  Every Euro donated over the original target will now be matched by our donor, up to €10,000.  Can you help us meet this challenge?  If we reach our new target of €30,000 there will be a fund of €50,000 ready to distribute from the 1st of July 2020. Donations of any amount are welcome and gratefully received.

We have just 1 month, from 15th May to 15th June, 2020 to raise as much as we can for the artists of Ireland.

These crucial gifts will then be distributed to artists between 1st July and 31st August, 2020.

In this particular crisis we have seen Ireland’s art community providing new daily content for enjoyment, education and mental well-being. We would like to honour artist’s unfailing contribution to the betterment of society, in good times and bad by ensuring there is a simple way for them to apply for emergency cash if needed. We know that there are hundreds of artists who are falling through the gaps, and who will not get through this crisis without urgent and immediate cash support.


If art has helped you, please consider helping an artist.


How to Apply and Terms & Conditions

The aim of Really Helping Artists, RHA Mirco Grants is to provide cash to artists in a simple and quick way to alleviate some of the pressure experienced in the current crisis. PLEASE NOTE: Applications will only be accepted from 16th June 2020 – 30th June 2020.

Application Process

To apply for a Really Helping Artists Micro Grant please send an email (no longer than 150 words) to reallyhelpingartists@rhagallery.ie stating:

  1. Full name
  2. Medium of practice
  3. Your financial request
  4. Reason for your application
  5. Proof of professional status (as outlined below)

Please read the information below prior to sending in your request.

Who may Apply

Really Helping Artists, RHA Micro Grants are designed to give emergency financial support to professional visual artists living and working in Ireland. You may apply for support if you are aged 18 or older, have graduated from an accredited art school, are currently living in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland and are a professional artist.

A professional artist is defined as anyone who makes a wage from their art and can provide confirmation of this. Confirmation can include proof of membership to a recognised representative body for visual artists in Ireland or Northern Ireland (i.e. VAI or similar), confirmation of having exhibited work for sale at a recognised gallery, arts centre or institution in Ireland or Northern Ireland, and/or in the RHA Annual Exhibition in the last 24 months.

Important Dates

Letters of application, sent via email, will be accepted from 16th – 30th June, 2020 ONLY.

Applications received before the 16th of June 2020 or after the 30th June 2020 will not be accepted or reviewed.

Grant Amounts

Micro-grants will be considered for requests of between €100 – €1,000.

Grant Review

A small committee of RHA Members and staff will review all letters of application, in complete confidence and make decisions to award grants based solely an applicant’s need. All decisions are final and there will be no appeal process.

All funds raised will be distributed by 31st August 2020.  If your request is approved you will be notified before this date. Unfortunately, due to limitations on our capacity we will not be able to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

We look forward to helping you, during this time.



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