RHA Learning Event

Futures: World-building Workshop for adults with Aidan Wall
25 Jan 2020
Time: 1pm - 4pm

This workshop will consist of a guided group discussion of the works on display in Futures, Series 3, Episode 3, followed by a role-playing game session of communal world-building inspired by the discussions. Both of these exercises will focus around the following questions: What kind of ‘present moment’ are the works on display inhabited by? And what kind of ‘Futures’ might be envisioned if we take them as starting points?

This workshop is for adults (18+).

Booking is essential through Eventbrite. Booking link here

Aidan Wall is an artist, writer, and game designer from Dublin who is currently based in Amsterdam. They recently finished a Master’s Degree in Critical Studies at the Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam, where they were a research fellow. They run the small press Rotted Cavern, which is also a monthly radio show on Dublin Digital Radio. Their most recent work Their Booelan Drift is a work of fiction about humanity’s relationship to two para-human entities: artificial intelligences and landlords.

Image: Courtesy of Aidan Wall

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