RHA Learning Event

Experimental Writing and Visual Documentation Workshop with Artist Anne Maree Barry, Ages 12 -16
3 Feb 2018
Time: 2 – 4.30pm

Artist and film maker, Anne Maree Barry invites participants to explore a variety of processes including storytelling, writing, art and film making. The work-shop will begin with a silent walk through the galleries, which will be the inspiration for experimental writing and reading, leading to a visual documentation of the experience. The participants will write about their own experiences of the gallery space, in a stream of consciousness writing style, that the artist explores in her own work. Participants will share their individual pieces, generating discussion on how to visually document their written words.

Anne Maree Barry makes site-specific film works that address connections between memory and loss, geography, history and architecture. The result being creative non-fiction films that explore Barry’s sense of self and space, within a community.

Ages 12 -16

Booking is essential as places are limited. To book please contact Katy Fitzpatrick, Learning & Public Engagement Curator at engagement@rhagallery.ie or tel: 01 661 2558. Booking is now open.

Image:  Film still of Anne Maree Barry as Countess Aldborough, Leisure with Dignity 2017, Image courtesy of the artist.

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