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RHA Kids: Collage and Assemblage Painting Workshop with artist Glenn Fitzgerald
15 Feb 2020
Time: 2 - 4.30pm

AGES 13 – 18

This workshop will explore the idea of collage and assemblage painting. This will involve utilizing found materials and images from one’s environment and incorporating them into paintings in novel and inventive ways. We will briefly explore the tradition of this method of painting with a quick introduction to some notable artists in the field, after which we will engage in creating our own works.

Participants will be asked to collect some found objects and images from their environment to bring to the workshop, which focus on a specific theme of their own interest.

Glenn Fitzgerald is an artist who makes assemblage paintings and collages that explore the boundaries between art, life and ideas. His work depicts situations that appear both natural and artificial, real and virtual, corporeal and modellistic. Fitzgerald holds a studio at RHA.

Booking is essential for all RHA Kids workshops through Eventbrite. Booking link here.

For more information please contact Róisín Bohan, Learning and Public Engagement Curator at engagement@rhagallery.ie or tel: 01 661 2558.

Image: Glenn Fitzgerald, x box, 2018, Oil, clay, wood, wire, found photographs, fridge magnet, laces, white tack, fabric straps, paper, marker on canvas, Image courtesy of the artist.


Generously supported by IPUT.

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RHA Kids Consent Form – Glenn Fitzgerald 15 February 2020



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