RHA Learning Event

Ashford in Conversation: Patrick Redmond and Paul Doran
22 Jan 2020
Time: 5.30pm

Join painters Patrick Redmond and Paul Doran for an informal discussion, discussing the work in Redmond’s exhibition in the Ashford gallery.

Paul Doran is an artist who makes daily paintings. His paintings explore the possibilities of the material qualities of paint and how such materiality can communicate. The paintings are made in a matter of fact way, just as one might sweep the floor or shop for groceries. Doran believes in the integrity of the human hand as a means of a more fulfilling and sustaining mode of communication. He lives and paints in a small house beside a road, on the edge of a village. He lives with his paintings. His paintings grow and evolve out of his daily living and the paintings become a product of such an approach to life. Doran believes in the benefits of living with art. Of eating ones meals with paintings not as mere decoration but as guests. In this manner one can have a continuous dialogue with art and grow with it, under its guidance. 

Public events at the RHA are free to attend and open to all. Booking is not required.

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