Dr Brenda Moore-McCann – RHA Programme Board Member

Born: Dublin, Ireland

Education: 1970 Graduated M.B. B.Ch. B.A.O. University College Dublin

Practiced medicine for twenty years.

1992 Awarded Scholarship Sarah Purser Griffith Diploma in the History of European Painting,     University of Dublin, Trinity College

1996 B.A. (Mod)(Hons) Art History, University of Dublin, Trinity College

2002 Ph.D. (Art History)(Hons), University of Dublin, Trinity College

Part-time Lecturer, 2003-4: National College of Art & Design, Dublin

Government of Ireland Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship: 2003-2005.

Occasional Lecturer: 2005-present: Department of History of Art, University of Dublin, Trinity College ,The Irish Art Research Centre (TRIARC), University of Dublin, Trinity College, and University College Dublin as well as galleries in Ireland and the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

Assistant Professor (Adjunct): 2008-present: School of Medicine, University of Dublin, Trinity College

Selected Publications


2017: Moore-McCann, Brenda, The Rosc Exhibitions: Crossroads of Celebration & Conflict (forthcoming)

2009: Moore- McCann, Brenda, Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Between Categories, London, Lund Humphries/Ashgate, ISBN 978-1-84822-014-0

Essays & Articles

2015 “Imaging Silence & the Language Virus” in Brian O’Doherty: Artist, Critic, Writer (provisional title), Ashgate (in press)

2014 “The Rosc Exhibitions”, Art and Architecture in Ireland, Royal Irish Academy & Yale University Press, Volume V, pp. 419-424.

2014 “Brian O’Doherty” in Art and Architecture in Ireland, Royal Irish Academy & Yale University Press, Volume V, pp. 325-328.

2014 “Medical Semiotics; its influence on art, psychoanalysis and Sherlock Holmes,” Journal of Medical Biography, online July 1st 2014, DOI: 10. 1177/0967772014533053 .

2013 “Affinities” Catalogue essay, Hello, Sam, installation by Brian O’Doherty, Dublin Contemporary Exhibition 2011, Irish Museum of Modern Art.

2013 “Collective Citadel: the Pistoletto Foundation/Cittadellarte, Piedmont, Italy” The Visual Artists’ Newsheet, Jan-Feb.

2011 Review: “Apertures & Anxieties” exhibition Royal Hibernian Academy, online Recirca http://recirca.com/cgi-bin/mysql/show_item.cgi?post_id=5908&type=NewReviews&ps=publish

2006 Catalogue essay & Chronology: Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Beyond the White Cube, exhib.cat. Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland. Travelled to The Grey Art Gallery, New York, 2007.

2004 (reprinted 2008 & 2015): Moore-McCann, Brenda, Chianti Sculpture Park, exhib. cat. Pievasciata, Tuscany, Italy.

2002 “A Poetry of Vision: The Rosc Exhibitions,” Irish Arts Review, Yearbook, Volume 18, pp. 122-132

Website: www.seeartmatters.com