Board and Benefactors

The governance structure of the RHA consists of the Assembly, the Council, the Director and the staff of the Academy. These are supported by two advisory boards to the Council, namely, the School Board and the Programme Board. The executive function of the RHA is centralized on the Council. The RHA Council is the legal executive board of the Academy.

Council of the Academy 2017/18

The Officers and Council of the Royal Hibernian Academy are elected each year at the Academy’s AGM in October. Officers may serve no more than five consecutive years and Members of the Council rotate every two years.

Mick O’DEA PRHA, President (Date of appointment: 20/10/2015)
Una SEALY RHA, Secretary (Date of appointment: 10/10/2017)
James HANLEY RHA, Keeper (Date of appointment: 20/10/2015)
Blaise SMITH RHA, Treasurer (Date of appointment: 10/10/2017)
Colin MARTIN RHA, School Principal (Date of appointment: 20/10/2015)

Donald TESKEY RHA (Date of appointment: 10/10/2017)
Abigail O’BRIEN RHA (Date of appointment: 10/10/2017)
Eithne JORDAN RHA (Date of appointment: 10/10/2017)
Carey CLARKE PPRHA (Date of appointment: 11/10/2016)
Geraldine O’NEILL ARHA (Date of appointment: 11/10/2016)
Eilis O’CONNELL RHA (Date of appointment: 11/10/2016)

RHA School Advisory Board

All appointments to the Programme Board are for three years. No member can serve more than two consecutive terms.

Frances RUANE, Chair (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)Colin MARTIN RHA, Principal (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)
Emma DWYER (Date of appointment: 12/06/2018)
James HANLEY RHA, Keeper (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)
Rachel GILBOURNE (Date of appointment: 24/03/2015)
Brian FAY (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)
John Kennedy (Date of appointment: 12/06/2018)
Martin MACKIN (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)
Una SEALY RHA (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)
Blaise SMITH RHA, School Vice-principal (Date of appointment: 11/02/2015)

RHA Programme Advisory Board

All appointments to the Programme Board are for three years. No member can serve more than two consecutive terms.

Bernard  DUNLEAVY SC, Chair (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
James English RHA (Date of appointment: 20/10/2015)
Richard GORMAN RHA (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
Clodagh KENNY (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
Mary A. KELLY (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
Eugene DOWNES (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
Natasha McKenna (Date of appointment: 15/02/2018)
Colin MARTIN (Date of appointment: 22/10/2014)
Aisling Prior (Date of appointment: 30/05/2018)
Simon Pratt (Date of appointment: 30/05/2018)


Ruth CARROLL, Exhibitions Curator
Róisín BOHAN, RHA Friends
Suzanne CLARKE, Front of House Manager
Catherine DOYLE, Finance Officer
Katy FITZPATRICK, Learning & Public Engagement Curator
Rebecca GALE, Development & Marketing
Terry MARKEY, Preparator
Vanessa MOSS, Development & Friends
Patrick T. MURPHY, Director
Kate MCBRIDE, Academy Co-ordinator

RHA Organisation Information

Please view HERE the company’s Constitution (charter and bye-laws). The RHA bye-laws were most recently amended in October 2009.

Please view HERE the RHA’s Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2014.

Please view HERE the disclosure of remuneration in order to comply with the Arts Council governance transparency code for organisations funded by the Arts Council under Regular funding, Annual funding or Annual Programme.

In February 2014 the legal executive board of the Academy committed to comply with the Code of Governance for Community and Voluntary Organisations  and with the Principles of Good Fund Raising, as drawn up by the Irish Charities Tax Reform Group (ICTRG).